Intentional Ways to Share Your Loved One's Ashes

What is Cremation?

Cremation is defined as a method of body disposition that serves as an alternative to traditional burial in a casket. After being placed in a cremation container, the remains are incinerated in an industrial furnace (called a cremation chamber or retort) and reduced to basic chemical compounds – gases, ashes, and mineral fragments, known as cremains.*


Over the past 15 years, the rate of cremation has been on the rise. According to, rates have risen over 7.8% within the United States. These rates are only suspected to increase even more in the next 10 years. As times and traditions are changing, cremation has become a more common choice for individuals who are considering the type of funeral service they want. Cremation gives families a chance and the ability to intentionally celebrate and share the ashes of their loved ones in creative ways.


Sharing Your Loved One's Ashes

Maybe you are looking to find peace and healing by spreading the ashes of a loved one. Here is a list of ways of meaningful ways you can spread the ashes of your loved one below:

  1. Take a cross-country trip and visit the places your loved one has always wanted to go. Scatter their ashes at each location/stop.
  2. Invest in a beautiful cremation urn to display your loved one.
  3. Turn your loved ones' ashes into wearable jewelry such as a cremation ring, pendant, or bracelet.
  4. Mix the ashes into tattoo ink and get a tattoo in honor of your loved one.
  5. Share your loved ones' remains outside at their favorite spot. Maybe on a lake or at their favorite nature walk.
  6. Have a cremation diamond made - these artificial diamonds use high heat and are a beautiful way to hold onto the ashes of your loved one.
  7. Create a stained glass window incorporating your loved ones' remains into the stained glass as it is being forged.
  8. Invest in a candle urn that can be lit in honor of your loved one.
  9. Plant a memorial tree or garden mixed with the ashes of your loved one.



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