Honoring Your Loved One

Honoring a loved one can look different for everyone. In our 60+ years of service within the industry, we have seen many creative and passionate ways people have celebrated a loved one's memory. Honoring your loved one can provide families with additional closure and peace throughout the funeral process.

Families often look for intentional ways to add personalization into the services and calling hours. While no two funerals are the same, meaningful additions to a funeral service can incorporate your loved ones' kindness, love, creativity, and personality throughout the day. Since we have the opportunity to work with so many individuals and families, we are regularly blown away by the creative and exciting ideas you come up with to honor your loved ones. 


Ways to honor your loved one: 


  • Sharing Music & Photos - We offer the opportunity to play music throughout calling hours and during the funeral service. Playing music is your chance to provide us with a playlist that fully captures WHO your loved one was. We have played music and playlists from Elvis, George Strait, to artists like Todo and Motzart! The sky is the limit when it comes to music! Photos are another important characteristic that we like to incorporate into our services. Families can bring photos in and in honor of your loved one, we can create a slideshow. 


  • Funeral Procession - We have seen many families extend the funeral procession by driving past a meaningful location that was important to their loved one. For example, maybe your loved one had a favorite coffee shop or fishing spot they enjoyed. We are more than happy to drive by your loved one's favorite place or spot as an ode to their passions. 


  • Food - Food can be comforting for anyone who is grieving. We encourage families to honor and celebrate their loved one's life by gathering around a meal - Whether this takes place during the calling hours by providing snacks and drinks, or after the funeral at a local restaurant. Families who gather for a meal often cherish the opportunity to reminisce and mourn together.

Here are a few other creative ideas:

  • Incorporating your loved one's hobbies into the service.
  • Display their artwork if they were artistic.
  • Display their most prized and cherished possessions. 
  • Flowers & Sprays.
  • Incorporating personal belongings. 

At Spidell and Smith-Varns Funeral Homes, our staff is knowledgeable and eager to provide families with the proper guidance and support that is needed. We will handle anything from the intimate details to even preplanning a funeral with you. Reach out to us today so we can make the grieving process just a little bit easier for you and your loved ones. 

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